Teinture Bois

Produits de Teinture Bois

Notre gamme spéciale Teinture Bois a été crée pour teindre tous les types de bois et différentes surfaces rapidement et efficacement, en une seule et simple application. Notre teinture peut à la fois être utilisée sur le bois intérieur ou extérieur et est disponible en divers coloris afin de reproduire tous les types de bois. N'hesitez pas à consulter notre nuancier.

Notre Teinture Bois est adaptée pour tous les types de bois, durs et tendre, comme notamment le bois de chêne, hêtre ou acajou.

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1 article

About Wood Stains

Wood Stains are a type of paint used to colour wood; a pigment is dissolved into water or solvent and applied to the wood. This is the basis behind traditional types of wood stain that will penetrate deep into wood. You will also find products designed for staining wood where the pigment has been added to a finishing agent such as an oil or varnish. However, these will just ‘tint’ the surface of the wood and so will wear off with use and will need to be re-applied.   

Types of Wood Stain

There are lots of different products on the market for staining wooden surfaces. We have tried to keep things simple with our Wood Stain that can be used on wood both indoors and in the garden. We also have a specialist Shed Stain for staining sheds and a Fence Stain for staining garden fences and other wooden structures in the garden.

All our Wood Stains are water-based and so safe to use in all environments. There are solvent and oil based stains available but these are typically based on older formulations that have been improved with modern day water-based alternatives.

Staining Wood

Wood Stains are really easy to apply. Simply dip you brush into the stain and wipe it onto the wood following the direction of the grain. The wood will absorb the stain changing in colour to match that of the stain. Once you’re finish, simply wash the brush under a tap of warm water.

Wood Stain Colours

Wood can be stained any colour you want. We produce a standard range of nine colours to suit the most popular colours of Wood Stain, and these colours can be mixed together to achieve any colour of Wood Stain needed. Our most popular colours of Wood Stain are Dark Oak and Natural Oak, but we also have Walnut and Mahogany for darker colours or Ash and Pine as lighter colours.

Finishing Wood Stains

After you’ve stained the wood your desired colour you’ll then need to seal and protect the wood using a finish of your choice. We have a wide variety you can choose from;

Wood Waxes

Wood Oils

Wood Varnishes

Each will give a slightly different appearance to your stained wood but they will all further enhance the colour of the stain, adding to the beauty of the wood.